Vasthu Consultation

Vasthu shastra is centered on a variety of energies including solar energy and celestial energy bodies. It is a belief in shastras that energies can enhance peace, riches and success for the occupants of a home if the Vasthu factors are taken into consideration in the initial stage of house construction. A Bhoomi Pooja is done before the beginning of house, flat or any commercial building construction as an auspicious beginning to your new home or venture.
Our professionals have focused on the relevance of vasthu planning as a tool to analyze the role of home or building in the health and fortune of the inhabitants. You can always relay on Amaravathy for your dream home.
Vasthu planning by our architects mainly focuses on certain factors in certain directions and shapes for each rooms of the house. Our Planners takes the initiative to decide the best suitable location for home entrance, Kitchen, bedrooms and build it in accordance to the laws of Vasthu shastra to cater to the requirements and satisfaction of the clients. Vasthu is often considered as the dwelling place for God and human beings. We at Amaravathy believe that if your house carries the necessary positive vibes, you could enjoy peace and prosperity very well.